Jhonny Chamoun

In a previous article, I showcased how to build the interface in HTML and CSS for the game battleship. Then the focus was to build the logic and make the game happen.

I implemented my game with one player in mind and the computer for an opponent.

In this article…

In this article, I am explaining one of the most basic data structures, and I will be writing about other popular data structures in upcoming articles. …

Refactoring is a disciplined technique for restructuring an existing body of code, altering its internal structure without changing its external behavior.

Martin Fowler

Usually, when writing code, developers deal with deadlines, delivery stress, and very specific feature descriptions. The main concern for a developer should be to deliver the needed…

A ship illustration in the shape of a paper ship in the middle of the ocean.
A strong battleship of paper.

In my continuous learning journey, I set a goal to learn Node.js and specifically how to use sockets, and because I wanted to build something more than just a chatting app, I decided to build one of my favorite games “Battleship”.

I will use this article to explain the thought…

Categories and Types of Testing in the Software engineering world.

As in any different product delivering business, testing in software engineering is an essential step to make sure our product is on track along the way of developing it.

Although one could think that testing the final product should be enough, testing software is more similar to testing cars. when…

All of you by now are familiar with JSON, the text-based format we are using to store and transfer data through the internet. JSON was standardized in 2013, four years after I landed my first job as a full-stack developer.

What did we use before JSON!?

XML is a markup…

Jhonny Chamoun

Software Engineer, Problem solving oriented and new technologies enthusiast.

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